What is adam®?

adam® is a markup language that breaks down musical barriers and provides new opportunities for learning music.

adam® stands for Adam's Digital Auditive Method, a method for beginners where a very easy numeric code, called adamTabs®, shows how to grip the instrument in order to play the melodies that you already know and have in your mind.

The method first appeared back in the 90's, as a result of Adam Zimny's great wish to teach everyone to play music in a fun and easy way. At the present, more than 300,000 children and adults use the adam® method worldwide to develop playing skills as well as to increase their music repertoire. It is a new pedagogical tool that not only improves the progress of learning how to play musical instruments but which also empower the students engagement to become active and independent learners.

Not only the role of educators has been transformed. Teachers are no longer the primary source of knowledge for tutors. The adam® method facilitates the access to musical information and provides the adamTabs® which shows how to grip and finger the instrument in order to produce the melody.