Books offer

Översättning från polska till engelska

Offer has two solutions:

1. Purchase one set of textbooks for the class (25 copies) with a 20% discount
gives the possibility of conducting classes for all classes in the educational establishment.

2. adamLicense, for schools and other institutions of primary education
pay an annual license for the use of the method allows unlimited use of the method of adam ® in music class the teacher's current school.

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Contributing to the dissemination methods of adam ®, practical umuzykalniania youngest generation of children and adolescents.


Adam license price is 150 USD / academic year.
What do we get in return?

The full version of the book Play the recorder by adam ® in the electronic version
Printing and reproduction along with a license to conduct classes in the educational establishment
Training materials, lesson plans
Online training
Invitations to organize training courses for teachers.

School / facility receives an invoice issued in a given school year.